The Blooming Wine-Making Industry of Italy

italy wine

Italy is famous for many things especially for its wine. It is not unusual to find wines of distinct flavors and quality in Italy; it can be similarly compared to the popularity gained by of coffee and tea to some parts of the world.
Italy has flourishing, hill areas where the finest grapes are cultivated and hand-picked in season. Thus, experts consider Italian wines to be included in the best wines all over the world. There are twenty regions in Italy, further subdivided into 103 provinces and there are several varieties of wine to choose from.

Grapes were introduced by the Phoenicians to Mediterranean civilization during the ancient times. Wine became one of the most valuable goods that have been traded all throughout Italy and Europe as Italian tribes succeeded in cultivating grapes and making wine. Because of this, Italy was considered as the “Land of Wine” due to the suitable grape-cultivating areas where sunshine and mountain air currents are just ad.

Italy became well known for its wine because of the variation in style, flavor and color of every wine made.

The most popular red grape variety commonly seen in central Italy is Sangiovese. As the second most planted variety of grape in the world, Trebbiano, which also known as Ugni Blanc creates more wine compared to other types of grape.

Even though Italians were not the first inventors of wine, they have succeeded in wine production because of their sincere passion for manufacturing it. Nowadays, Italy holds wine as priceless possession, producing more and more distinct wines without degrading the quality for so many years. They have maintained their name in the industry of wine making, producing as much as 8 billion bottles of wine every year. Light wines, table wines, and after dinner wines: name it and you’ll surely find wide selections of Italian wines.

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